2014 - 2024

Fatboy (2014-2024)
CAME TO OUR FAMILY BY ACCIDENT IN 2014. HE WAS THE FATTEST PUPPY OF ALL AND NAMED HIM FATBOY CUZ WE COULDN’T AGREE ON OTHER NAMES. He loves playing with the water, great at catching mouses, silly guys knowing how to pick peaches off the tree. He been on so much jorney with us. Made so much friends and share lots of great memories and love with everyone. He got so much compliment on how cute he is and how chill he was. Unfortunately, he got very ill due to kidney disease and Gastric.

Fatboy, we hope you the best of painfree life and great joy in your next journey. Make lots of friends and have lots of fun!
We always always love you! We are so grateful for you in bringing so much joy to us and most grateful for choosing me as your family. I love you I love you I love you!!!