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UC Davis - Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Animal Memorial Service has coordinated with UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital to provide memorial services for your pet.  We are committed to providing this service in a compassionate and respectful manner to help make this difficult time you are experiencing as painless as possible.  

All cremation and memorial services can be coordinated through this website.   Animal Memorial Service offers two types of cremation services:




Individual Cremation

By selecting an individual cremation, your pet will be cremated separately from all other animals and the ashes will be mailed to you via certified UPS delivery in a timely manner.  AMS offers six urn options: a maple wood urn (also available with a cherry or mahogany finish), a pine wood urn, or a ceramic vase.  The maple wood urn pictured will be used unless you make a change.  Your pet’s name will be laser engraved on a plaque and attached to the front of the urn.   Photos of the different urns styles are available.

Prices for an individual cremation range from $195 - $275, depending on the size of your pet.


Communal Cremation

By selecting a communal cremation, your pet will be cremated with other animals and the ashes scattered on a private 10 acre ranch in the Salinas area below the Gabilan Mountain Range.  Communal cremations are $60, regardless of the size of your pet, and can be selected by clicking here.

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Urn and Plaque Customization

In addition to the standard package AMS offers additional upgrades including the ability to personalize an inscription or change the type of urn that you wish for your pet.   Inscription changes range from $20 - $45, and different urns from $50 - $250.


AMS does not provide burial services but we recommend contacting Sierra Hills Pet Cemetery, which is an endowed facility located at the base of the Sierra Mountains. 

UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital

For more information on UC Davis and the UC Davis Teaching Hospital please visit them at:

A Commitment to UC Davis

In addition to providing reliable and respectful animal memorial services, we are pleased to support the veterinary students and employees at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine by offering a discount on our services. 



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